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Dr Melinda Pascoe
Consultant Neurologist & Neurophysiologist

In a career spanning more than thirty-five years, Dr Melinda Pascoe is a leader in Neurological and Neurophysiological consulting.
Her expertise covers a broad array of Neurological illnesses, with particular focus on Neuromuscular and Peripheral Nerve Diseases.

After graduating from the University of Queensland Medical School and completing her specialisation studies, Dr Pascoe was selected for a prestigious fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, USA. This world-renowned facility was host to an elite group, led by pre-eminent physician and researcher Peter Dick, MD. During her tenure there, Dr Pascoe honed her skills in Peripheral Nerve Disorders and electro diagnostic techniques. She also trained in Epilepsy and EEG.
Dr Pascoe has also been successfully treating selected patients with Movement Disorder and muscular related headache/migraine with Botox therapy for over 10 years.

In the twenty-five years that Dr Pascoe has been in private practice in Australia, she has healed many thousands of patients with difficult-to-diagnose illnesses that present unique challenges to treat.
Above all, Dr Pascoe believes in working with her patients to steer them towards a healthier life, and the best possible future despite their Neurological illness.  She likes to ensure that patients feel understood and looked after by a caring and highly trained professional team with state of the art technology and treatments available to them.

Dr Pascoe is currently studying for her Masters in Health Law at the University of Sydney.

Di Coulter
Practice Manager

Di has worked for Dr Pascoe for over 15 years.  Di will often be the one to answer your calls and is happy to assist in any way possible with administration queries.

Lachlan Morgan
Clinic Manager

Lachlan will assist you upon arrival at our clinic. His background is in IT and Health Management. 

Fergus Declan
EEG Technician

Fergus has been trained in-house by Dr Pascoe to perform EEG tests and record diagnostic data.


I first met Dr Pascoe in September 2016. I had suffered almost 6 months of ongoing dizziness, nauseousness, disorientation, vomiting, black outs and other symptoms leading myself to think the worst. My confidence and quality of life had started to suffer.  I had been searching for an answer to my ongoing issues, and after multiple visits to Doctors, Naturopaths, Kineseologists and other specialists, I was at the point of feeling frustrated and disappointed with no one being able to provide a diagnosis.

Luckily I was highly recommend by a former patient  to visit Dr Pascoe who has methodically and clinically (by a process of elimination) helped to diagnose and treat  my condition.


I can’t thank Dr Pascoe enough for her professionalism and compassion toward my situation.



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Latest Clinic News:


Cosmetic Botox

Dr Pascoe specialises in botox treatment for a range of medical conditions such as Migraine.


She also offers cosmetic botox to help reduce the signs of aging. 

Brows from $100

Crows feet from $300

Frown lines from $150

Enquire today for further information or to make an appointment.


EEG Services

Our practice is pleased to offer a dedicated EEG service.  Patients are able to be referred solely for an EEG, with results reported back to the referring GP on the same day.

EEG $200

Medicare rebate $107.95

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